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Reasons to Match Horoscopes before Marriage

by Astrologer Vikrant

Posted on 15-April-2018 12:45:41 PM    3 Comments    827 view(s)

Horoscope matching is a very crucial thing that is followed in Indian culture before anyone ties the nuptial knot. Horoscope matching has its own significance and there are quite a lot of reasons why it should be followed before you start the new phase of your life.Let us have a look at the top 4 reasons why checking horoscope compatibility is crucial for any marriage in Hindu culture:-

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Manglik Dosha and how to overcome it | 9468802345 - astrologer vikrant

by Astrologer Vikrant

Posted on 15-April-2018 8:15:49 AM    0 Comments    272 view(s)

Also known by the names of Kuja dosha, Angrakha Dosha or Bhom Dosha, Manglik Dosha is an astrological condition that is known to affect the life of a person in a negative way. A person born with this Dosha is said to suffer during his marriage and all kinds of misfortunes follow. A person who suffers from Manglik Dosha is called a Manglik. In astrological terms, this Dosha occurs when the planet Mars

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लाल किताब के अनुपम उपाय | 91-9468802345 | totke in hindi by lal kitab

by vikrant

Posted on 19-March-2018 2:26:45 PM    0 Comments    243 view(s)

लाल किताब के अनुपम उपाय | +91-9468802345 | totke in hindi by lal kitabलाल किताब के अनुपम युक्त   आचुक उपाय लाल किताब ज्योतिषियों के लिए एक खजाना है और वे कुछ भी कसम खाता है। लाल किताब के उपचार सरल और लागत प्रभावी हैं, लेकिन वे केवल ज्योतिषियों द्वारा इस अनन्य कला में विशाल अनुभव वाले अनुशंसित किया जा सकता है। लाल किताब ज्योतिष जन्म चार्ट के महत्व और बारह घरों पर केंद्रित है। कुछ उपाय आधुनिक दु

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