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The Reasons Behind Delay in Marriages

by vikrant

Posted on 04-May-2019 12:09:55 AM    0 Comments    824 view(s)

The Reasons Behind Delay in Marriages | +91-9468802345| astrologer vikrant

The reason behind the delay in marriage, the solution for the delay in marriage, the solution of the red book, the remedy from the Tantra mantra is filled with the Manglik Devi Pooja Text, rituals, if your marriage is delayed then the astrologer Vikrant Jee. Seek solutions from

Recommendation of Astrology Many times you have problems in married life
Like many times a man is married in marriage, his marriage is delayed, and this problem can also be due to your planet's nakshatra and horoscope defects, that it is a big problem for a person to interfere in marriage in the life of 12 people in this horoscope If you are feeling anxious in the house at home, then your marriage is interrupted and delay in getting married, the reason behind the delay in marriage, the marriage of astrology Problems, problem of marriage in horoscope, all the remedies of Lal Kitab are resolved in your marriage and the problems of your marriage are addressed.

If there is a delay in your marriage, then your marriage gets disturbed. Even if you experience humble faults, marriage is rare, but you are unknowingly going away from astrology and scripture. The girl did not like the boy or The boy did not like the girl and or it is also like the girl boy does not like the house, or the talk goes on and the reply by the front-facing relative who you get to hear that we Ista should be not to your horoscope are guilty at birth contains the enemy and can be Tue defects
Recommendations of Astrology Many times you have problems in married life
If you have a great obstacle in the happiness of your marriage, then you should go to astrologer and make your marriage a happy one by resorting to tricks.

विवाह में होने वाली देरी के कई कारन होते ह, जेसे की कई बार मनुष्य को विवाह में विलब होता ह जिससे उसके विवाह में देरी होती ह और ये समस्याए आपके ग्रह नक्षत्र और कुंडली दोष से भी हो सकता ह क्यों की अगर मनुष्य के जीवन में शादी में रूकावट होना एक बहुत हु बड़ी परेशानी ह क्यों की ये कुंडली में १२ खाने होते ह जिनके अन्दर आपके लगन घर में मंगल परभावित हो तो आपकी शादी में रूकावट आति हे आएगी और शादी  की समस्या बनी रहेगी इसके लिए आप  समस्या का समाधन लेवे और अपने दाम्पत्य जीवन को सफल बनावे  


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