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Tantra Mantra Astrology and Mysteries,      Fate of astrology also makes fortune, it also worsens
How does destiny become of astrology?
Every person is always eager about his future. Just tell someone that you get astrology, that person will want to know about yourself immediately, though everybody is happy, but he wants to be better. Everybody has a little less loss in their life. This curiosity is sometimes proven to be a hassle too. How can we explain this in this post? Having difficulty in every person's life, he misses the hostility of the planets and he considers destiny to be responsible for it. After that, he attempts to contact fortune-teller and seeks solutions for his problems. Want to know, everyone wants to know the solution.

If the remedy is correct, then destiny really changes, and if the remedy is found wrong, then the fate is worse than it is. If there is profit then the person thinks that the benefit has been benefited, but if the situation is worse then thinks There is more difficulty in destiny, so the remedy is not working. The astrologer who tells the remedy also says that he has given the measure very accurate, now there is more trouble in luck, so much work is not done. After this, he also tells some other remedy. The maze remains till it does not get any real information or the fate does not take place by itself. Sometimes, this inverted remedial measures will spoil the condition of a person. Let's believe that his belief astrology also arises from God.

The intensity and accuracy of the solution depends on the holder of the astrologer and his expertise. If astrologer is not really a businessman and he has won astrology, he does a very serious analysis and gives very little measurements. But the solution is very accurate. A small measure or a gem or a plant, the astrologer said, the person did it. After this, in the person's thinking, his car There was a small change in the Yashavali and the person took a small decision or made a small effort at the right time, the decision or effort was taken at such a precise time that the work of the person became a work of the work. The series of small successes started from that work And the life of the person began to change. In a short time the big changes in the person changed his life.

Items are donated, water is flowing, birds-animals should have fodder or grain, holding gems or vegetation or sorghum-toutka, worship-reading or mantra chanting, all the energy systems and nature's science work. Work on wave-based science, all begin with a very small level. There is no physical change in the person, but there is a change in the chemical and subtle energy levels which express With the energy of the surroundings of the environment, it changes the thinking of the person and the working system. The right decision, the right effort, the attempted effortless, idle energy creates the sequence of successes for the person, while making a mistake The smallest successes or failures that arise from the remedies in such a short time become so big that the life of a person starts changing.

Astrology is a Vedic science that demands a certain lifestyle, which requires continuous need of spirituality and deep contemplation, it is classified as Vedic Research Science, which makes the life of a person deeply connected, hence the traditional Vedic astrologer Gives serious and spiritual life. Some parts of astrology such as Shakun and question path are incredibly important in the knowledge and experience. According to spiritual and incomprehensible understanding of entire astrology, subtle analysis is required, which today's commercial astrologers lack. Business astrologers can have a lot of crowd, many names may be, but their grip is very good. It is not necessary. The things told about his past can be correct, so that he can be considered as a great astrologer. Shall measure their success caught the failure of the subject depends on the experience with the spiritual approach, which serious research and reflection | In today Where is the time to astrologers for |

In modern times, astrologers have become very big and the types of astrology have become too much. Some of them do not believe in the concept of remedies, whereas there is no use of astrology without measures, when we can not improve anything. What is the meaning of that science? In some astrological types there are such remedies which seem to be meaningless to common logic and understanding, but they also have meaning. Any astrologer's flood Only when he learns all the organs of astrology, serious spiritual and contemplation is possible. He conducts research on his stated measures, exercises on measures, understands the science of remedies. How and where will the person affect, what will be the change and what results will come.

A mistake can destroy the life of a person in some measure. The person will not understand and he will remain in illusion that the destiny is bad, which is worse and worse, but the remedy has made him small mistakes by which his situation started to become more miserable. Worry is more to the astrologer, in such a way that he is inappropriate and disturbs. The wrong measures of big and original gems can be taken for life.